Our Work Ethics

Our Work Ethics

Code of Conduct

The code of conduct applies to all levels of management and all employees in Way2K. Its principles also apply to agreements with sub-suppliers of consultancy services and other agreements with suppliers.

ay2K's code of conduct covers, among other things:

·     Social responsibility: health and safety

·     Responsibility for quality

·     Responsibility for business integrity

·     Social responsibility – health and safety

We strive for social responsibility. This is ensured by:

·     Maintaining a personnel policy that sets goals for employees' professional continuing education and personal development

·     Ensuring that there is an active and preventive health and safety effort in the workplace

·     Establishing health- and pension agreements for employees that ensure security for employees after their working life

·     Creating a management style that permeates the organization and supports a trusting, confident and developmental atmosphere with room for individuality.

Responsibility for Quality

We strive to make all our customers feel that they are provided with a high quality of service, a quality that lives up to the expectations they will have to us as a service provider, including:

·     That all projects are subjected to a systematic quality assurance, and control, including systematic follow-up on any deviations registered

·     That we as a company only accept and carry out tasks which are covered within the range of our professional and organizational competences

·     That the Company has established internal forums for the accumulation, dissemination and sharing of acquired knowledge

Responsibility for business integrity

The Company has a special historic tradition of integrity, and we acknowledge this as a responsibility of the management of a modern company.

·     The Company is at all times to act to the advantage of its customers, and in a manner that ensures optimal profitability for the customer, without endangering the demands and social interests of the society

·     The Company must seek to avoid any conflict of interest between the individual customers and other customers, and must inform the customer if a situation occurs that might involve a potential conflict of interest

·     The Company will only apply to participate in projects or public tenders under competitive conditions that are compatible with company ethics

·     We respect human rights and the political, cultural and religious customs of the countries in which we work

Responsibility to combat corruption/bribery

Way2K dissociates from corruption and bribery in any form, meaning that:

·     The Company does not participate in any form of direct or indirect corruption/bribery as defined by the World Bank for fighting corruption and economic crime. We do not support political parties, neither nationally nor internationally.

·     We have established procedures ensuring that contributions are not paid to secret funds or the like, and that any payments made clearly specify the service covered and to whom payment is made.

·     We give and receive company gifts at a reasonable level, but never in connection with submission of tenders or contracts.

·     We only offer consultancy services on conditions of agreement that do not undermine our independence, objectivity and integrity: this also means that we cannot accept remuneration that might prejudice the company.


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