Our Experience

Our Experience

Our expertise and experience is what makes us different. Our core consultants are specialists who have been working not only in South Korea but also in Asia for several decades.


Mallory Leece, PhD Managing Partner, Senior Consultant

Dr. Leece received his doctoral degree from Surrey University, UK. Dr. Leece's specialty is conflict management, negotiations and training. Dr. Leece has lived in Korea for over 35 years and speaks Korean fluently.

Mallory has over 20 years' experience advising major corporations and senior executives in South Korea, providing counsel on how to improve relations with Korean partners, and deal with issues concerning industrial relations. He also regularly gives seminars for various government training programs which are designed to help the Koreans themselves think more globally.


Dongeun Lee, MA Managing Partner, Senior Consultant

Dongeun Lee has over 20 years of experience as a manager, corporate director and consultant. His area of specialty is the development and implementation of robust training programs to help organizations minimize the potential impact of global influence against their assets and business operations.

His previous assignments have included the development of corporate programs for large multi-national manufacturing companies with multiple locations worldwide; conducting risk assessments at domestic and overseas facilities; development of market, IT solutions for domestic and foreign corporations; developing and implementing marketing plans for overseas and domestic corporations.

Dongeun Lee is a lecturer at several institutions teaching courses in Management, Business Continuity, Risk Assessments, Market Analysis and more.

Dongeun Lee holds a Master of Arts degree from Chungang University. He is certified in Property Management.


Eugene Lee, PhD Managing Partner, Senior Consultant

Dr.Eugene Lee holds a doctoral degree in International Cooperation from Yonsei University. He provides corporate communications strategy, advice and implementation services to a spread of industrial and resources companies. He utilizes his skills developed during his 12 years as a financial and general advisor individually, coupling these with corporate communications skills developed working as a strategic communication consultant in CNA Inc. in Daedok Scientific Center, Daejon.

Eugene also provides executive training and strategic issues/crisis management consulting. Eugene also provides top level investor relations advice leveraging off several years' experience in the local stock market. He is also providing support to clients through media monitoring and analysis, research and logistical support across a range of sectors.


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