Our Services
Our Services

Our company is able to provide help to the individuals and businesses entering South Korea. Our services range according to the needs of our customers. These are primarily three types:


1.     Translation and Support Department provide quality service to individuals and groups coming to South Korea. We meet you at the gates at the airport, accompany to your hotel (we can help you to reserve one in advance), guide and translate for you at your meetings. We are able to provide a car with a driver in case you need one. And finally, we will see you off at the airport on the day of your departure.

2.     International Cooperation Department provides in depth information about local markets. We provide information on products and services together with market analysis highlighting possible potentials whith optimal efficiency of investments.

3.     Negotiations and Conflict Resolution Department will help you negotiating best deals on your entry into South Korean market. In case you run into any problem with your contractors or your employees we can help you to mediate any dispute.

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