About Us
About Us

Way to Korea, Way2K

Building on over two decades of consulting experience, Way2K offers businesses and individuals an effective way to succeed in the South Korean market. We hope that our services will create a great value to our customers and deliver prosperity to their business tomorrow.


Working together for the Future

The slogan "Think Globally, Act Locally" is widely known. When you and your business is ready, you too can go global. Imagine your business working globally across many different countries and languages. Way2K provides its services to accommodate those dreams of the future.


Experience you may rely on

Way2K is a privately-owned business which provides world-class consulting services. Our commitment and quality of our service is reflected in the acknowledgements and the range of our clients. Our clients include multinational corporations, large conglomerates, financial groups and banks, and ordinary businesses.


Seoul Headquaters:

Way2K, Inc.

Office 1548 Sanchang-Plazza Dohwa-dong, 

Mapo-gu, Seoul City

South Korea


Phone. +82-10-5658-4581

Office. +82-2-393-4559

E-mail. mreulee@gmail.com  /  mreulee@way2k.co.kr


Daejon Office

8F J&S B/D, 704 Tanbang-dong,

Seo-gu, Daejeon City

South Korea



Phone. +82-10-2481-0900

E-mail. et05@naver.com

Way2K, Inc.
Office 1548 Sanchang-Plaza, 173 Dohwa-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul City South Korea
+82-2-393-4559, +82-10-5658-4581 / E-mail : mreulee@gmail.com, mreulee@way2k.co.kr